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Hi everyone, 

I wanted to tell you a little about myself.  I love to read and write and when I actually have the time I love creating things.  I’ve made things like bracelets and necklaces, I’ve gotten really good at creating flower pins to put in my hair.  I also like to try new recipes, often I’ll choose one out of a random cookbook or I’ll see a picture on the internet and want to know how that dish is made.  I don’t have any formal culinary training besides my mother telling me to cut this, shuck that, or flip this.  But I believe that that is how most people learn.  I might not get a recipe the first time, but for me it’s the fun of trying.

Now about my tortoise.  Ever since I was a little kid I’ve been allergic to most pets that little kids are bound to have over the course of their childhood. Rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, cats, at times dogs and birds even.  And while I do think fish are extremely pretty to look at in all honesty I don’t want to take care of fish, namely the cleaning of the fish tank.    So after my hermit crab, Red Foreman, best hermit crab I’ve ever had, passed away a couple of years ago, I’ve been wanting another pet, but I didn’t know what.  Then I started researching pets and when I came upon the tortoises it clicked almost immediately, and I spent months researching, what types there were, how big they got, what they needed.  Then I narrowed it down to the Russian Tortoise and the Golden Greek Tortoise.  The pet store only had one, the RT and I picked my tortoise and brought him home and it’s been a tumultuous relationship ever since.


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